Creativity and Inspiration

Creativity For as long as textiles have been created - whether by braiding, felting or weaving - craft-workers have been combining the functional requirements of the cloth with creative ideas.  This may have been to enhance the textile's warmth or strength, to introduce different fibres, or to change the look of the textile with new dyes, pattern weaves, manipulation or sewing techniques, …

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A warp-weighted Tablet Weaving Loom

I’m enjoying teaching myself about tablet weaving, through some reading and a lot of trial and error.  Over the past few months I’ve spent quite a while experimenting with ways to make sure that I’ve got the right tension on the warp.  And after a few false starts, the very ancient idea of using loom weights occurred …

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Tablet Weaving

Tablet weaving (also known as card weaving) is an ingenious technique for taking long bundles of warp threads and passing them through perforated tablets, then manipulating these to make strong patterned bands.  Historically this was done with either a back strap method or a structured loom. To weave with this technique, each card is normally …

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